Discussion Groups

A number of members-only discussion groups are maintained by The English Spelling Society. Please apply to the list-owner for joining details.


An active group for general discussion for English Spelling Society members. It rejects attachments and converts HTML to plain text.


An announcements-only group that only the SSS list-owner may post to. No discussions.


Some SSS members attended the US national spelling bee final to draw attention to the inconsistency of English spelling. Only for members planning to attend the next final.


SSS house style committee which has rationalized a society ballot outcome. The resulting house style is awaiting committee ratification.


A group for English Spelling Society e-mailing committee members and other members who work for the Society


There are also open non-SSS spelling reform lists:
• www.yahoogroups.com/group/saundspel Saundspell - the phonology forum - a continuing
discussion of spelling - pronunciation - and alternative writing systems.

• www.yahoogroups.com/group/openrite Openrite is the window to the world for the RITE development group.