Guide To English Spelling

Many Mums and Dads are dealing with the same problem - helping their kids master English spelling, so a few bits of information first to help you know where you are.

Kids learn to speak from their parents, usually without any formal instruction. But when it comes to reading and writing, the child needs time in learning to associate letters of the alphabet with particular sounds. We try to start them off but expect school to finish the process. Without this skill, used easily and competently, your child won't be able to master other subjects, such as maths, geography, science - the list is endless. But sometimes our children seem to be struggling even when they have long since entered the school gates. How can we help them? The Spelling Society has issued this short booklet to give you some tips.

Your child will no doubt be exposed to US practice, but in this booklet we assume British rather than American spellings. The rules that we identify are on the whole applicable to both systems.