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This page, part of the Publications section, contains links to a number of pamphlets issued by the Society.

SSS pamphlets 1-7 had, inside the front cover, progressively longer versions of Some Opinions, sometimes in traditional spelling and sometimes in New Spelling (Nue Speling or NS).

The Alfabetikal List of dhe Nue Speling was included in Pamphlets 6, 7 to aid in the use of NS.
Pamphlets 2,3,4,5,6 were written in Nue Speling.
Pamphlet 8 was written in Nue Speling and the reprint in Traditional Orthography.
Pamphlet 3 was reprinted, with comments and pictures, in J27 2000/1.
SSS Officers and Committee members 1908-1971 from minutes, pyoneers, pamflets.

Sorry, no available pamphlets found.